TechRaider is an online, e-commerce-based software trading store where software is sold and delivered in Realtime by means of an online software license manager where you can purchase, store, edit and remove your licenses.

TechRaider came about due to a gap in the market and subsequent lack of affordable software packages for users to purchase and use on their personal computers.

Software for personal computers have become more and more expensive, now costing more than the PC in most cases, depending on what type of software you require.

TechRaider makes it affordable for people to get quality, legal software and stay on the right side of the law as opposed to not being able to afford the exorbitant prices set by vendors and therefore forced into using illegal activators and fake keys to license software.

TechRaider offers a Realtime software license manager. In some cases, after you make payment for a specific license, the manager might take up to 2 hours to assign the relevant license to your profile as we vet the security and payment but once you have the license, it will be emailed to you and also available within your TechRaider profile for future moderation.

TechRaider gets huge deals on software by searching around the world for volume discounts, OEM re-sells, retail liquidations, currency conversion discounts and whatever else we may find that constitutes a legal course of resale. We then snatch up whatever we can and offer it for sale on TechRaider, which means you save big time!